The future: Eggs & Garlic

Market #2 Recap

Life’s been busy since the last market and I missed my weekly recap, already!

Behind the scenes of managing the farm has been a lot of irrigation, planning for additional crops and the fall plots. Temperatures are creeping into the 100s (°F) more regularly.

We added a few more Rhode Island Red laying chickens to our flock. The are ~3 weeks old and won’t start laying until 5-6 months of age. We plan to sell their brown eggs at market once these layers are mature. Launch the survey below to help us decide the best way to serve y’all at market.

Crop updates

We started harvesting the elephant garlic and smaller garlic varieties for drying. This is the first season we grow elephant garlic (related to leek family more so than garlic) and I was surprised to find smaller cloves on the outside of the bulb. Irish Eyes Garden Seeds called these cloves “corms” which can be used for future plantings. Buying elephant garlic bulbs is expensive and these corms contribute to our seed saving practices which will help us financially.

With the rest of our garlic ready for harvest the smaller varieties will be used for next year’s crop, and the larger bulbs will be braided, cured and for sale at a later market date.

Tomatoes and peppers are continuing to produce and we look forward to bringing them back to market when we return June 9. See y’all there!

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