Market Recap and Cut Flowers

Market #1 Recap

Red Heron Farm officially made its debut at the Bastrop 1832 Farmers Market on May 19, 2018! My husband and I chatted with the great people of Bastrop county  – visitors were from Bastrop, Paige, and Elgin to name a few. Besides selling green garlic, assorted radishes, etc., we were able to chat about compost, volunteer squash and recipes with our community.

Our next market, May 26, will include our son (until one of us has to whisk him away to the park – he’s a child on the go) and the following items:

  1. Green garlic
  2. Pac Choi
  3. Baby kale
  4. Baby swiss chard
  5. Peppers
  6. Radishes
  7. Beans
  8. Squash
  9. Lettuce

First come, first serve!

Cut Flowers

When I decided to start the farm I wanted to also include cut flowers because who doesn’t love a bouquet? When I visit farmers markets I am always enamored with local flowers because they are beautiful and originate locally with a smaller footprint than typical store bought flowers. I had little prior experience with cut flowers so I began my cut flower experiments. I researched the pretty ones, adaptable, or “easiest to grow” per the seed company language. I currently have on trial:

  1. Snapdragons
  2. Sweet peas
  3. Bells of Ireland
  4. Cosmos
  5. Caramel Phlox
  6. Strawflower

So far my favorites have been sweet peas and snapdragons. The bells of Ireland and cosmos have just begun flowering.

Left to right, clockwise: Royal Wedding Sweet Peas, Bells of Ireland, Cherry Caramel Phlox, and Cosmos

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